Student Suggests Naughty Way To Pay For Personal Training

model: Stella Sedona / duration: 25:17

I saw we had a new member to the gym and decided to introduce myself. Her name is Stella and she was doing some stretches by the yoga ball and thought it would be nice to show her some tips on perking up that nice butt of hers. She was thankful for the advice and wanted some more, but I told her would have to charge her for personal training sessions. Being a student, she didn't have much money so she suggested she could repay me in other ways by brushing her hands on my cock. I was taken aback but also pleasantly surprised. These American girls are really forward. I told her that sounded like a good trade and she wasted no time pulling down my shorts and taking my big dick inside her tiny little mouth. We got onto the floor. She took off her top to reveal perfect small breasts with perky pink nipples surrounded by porcelain, smooth white skin. She took off her pants and got on top of me, sliding my cock into her shaven, well-shaped little pussy as I ran my hands across her body and lightly pinching her little nipples. Before long I was ready to cum and she stroked my cock until I finished all over her face.

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