Canadian Tourist Trades Creampie For Gym Time

model: Sky Pierce / duration: 25:30

From across the gym anyone's eyes would immediately spot Sky. She was skinny, wearing bright pink yoga pants, and a porcelain face framed by golden blonde hair. I wouldn't forget a gym member like that. Which is exactly why I did not recognize her. I introduced myself and she told me she's a tourist who tried to sneak into my gym to use it for free. That's not cool, so I told her I had to call the cops but she pleaded with me not to. Seeing that hot body of hers, I asked if we could spend some time together. She agreed, on the condition I don't call the cops. That was a deal. Sky immediately got on her knees, pulled down my pants, and started sucking. This was my first time with a girl from Canada and they must teach them well over there. She turned around and bent over the yoga ball while I pulled down her pants and we fucked on the floor. Next she got on top of me, gentling rubbing her pussy lips against the cock before sliding it inside her. Finally I got on top of her and came inside that perfect pink pussy which she happily accepted. Oh Canada.

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