Police Or Dick, Your Choice

model: Mina Von D / duration: 23:55

The voluptuous and petite gym member with the Spanish accent turned out not be a member at all, but yet another tourist trying to use my gym for free. This one's name is Mina and she's very pretty, but I'm weary of accommodating tourists all the time and jumped straight to calling the cops. Mina protests and watching those juicy lips speak, I couldn't help but reconsider for a split second. I jokingly suggested a blowjob and this infuriated her but I kept my poker face on and pressed her further. She relented, letting me rub my hands all over her body before she got down on her knees and sucked my cock. Wow, she's pretty amazing. I wanted to fuck her so bad. We got on the floor and I plowed her from behind, lightly tugging on her hair and squeezing her breasts to fuck her harder. She wanted to get on top of me next, and rode me till I was sore and her pussy dripping wet. I couldn't hold it in any longer and came on her big tits. I hope more Spanish girls visit my gym.

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