Wild Hair Big Breasts And A Lot Of Fun At The Gym

model: Lily Lou / duration: 33:00

Lily thought she could try and sneak into my gym to use for free, but someone wearing bright pink workout clothes with bright pink hair, would be quite memorable. She made some silly excuses, but she wasn't going to fool me. I was about to call the cops when she offered to do anything in return and I suggested she suck my dick. I said it in a very serious tone, but I was only joking. She agreed! I wasn't going to waste this opportunity. She got on her knees, pulled out my cock, and started giving it one of the wettest blowjobs I've ever had. Wow. If she was this enthusiastic, she would be open to riding my dick and she easily accepted, pulling off her pants and sliding that big dick inside her. Amazingly, her pussy matches her head! She took out those big titties of hers so I could see them bouncing up and down as she bounced up and down. Lying on the floor in a spoon position, I wrapped my forearm tightly around her as I felt her body melt into mine. I came inside her and promised I wouldn't call the cops anymore.

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