My First Anal Creampie With A French Girl At The Gym

model: Candie Luciani / duration: 23:54

In 60FPS. Once again, I see someone working out at my gym who I do not recognize. I approach her and she tells me her name is Candie. Judging by her accent, she's French. Having a gym in a busy tourist spot means I get all sorts of people who try to sneak in, and Candie is not the first French person to try, but she has a nice, typical French body - long and lean - that I had to admire a bit before I kick her out. She insisted I pull out the phone to translate. I ask her to leave. She writes back she has no money but....if I am understanding this correctly....she will sex me if I let her stay and not call the police. Damn.....this French girls really are easy and horny. The last time I had sex with a French girl, she was amazing and let me fuck her in the ass, so I decided to take up Candie's offer. She immediately dropped to her knees and was impressed by my cock. She pulled off her pants and fucked me while she was on top. We then switched to doggy where I got a good look of her asshole and threw out the request to fuck her in the ass. She said yes! I couldn't believe it. Do all girls let you fuck them in the ass? It wasn't long before I was ready to cum hard and I just unloaded inside that tight butthole of hers. She took it happily that I was satisfied. She is definitely welcome back if this is how she pays all her bills.

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