Big Breasts and Anal Creampie In Exchange For Gym Time

model: Amalia Davis / duration: 27:57

Hi, I'm Matt and today I met a lovely girl using the gym. Her name is Amalia and after the free trial period, she has continued to return, using the gym without paying. I let it slide a little because she's hot and voluptuous. I had to confront her about it and she said she couldn't pay. I've been wondering if her breasts were implants so I jokingly suggested if she let me touch them, I would let her stay. She agreed to my utter astonishment. I totally meant it as a joke but I guess the two of us in broken english, left a lot lost in translation. It escalated quickly and she agreed to fuck me if she got to use the gym for a little longer. With my hands around her waist while fucking her from behind, I whispered if she would let me fuck her in the ass. She said yes and it felt so good putting my big dick in such a tiny, moist hole. She laid back on the floor and I came inside that ass of hers. That felt so good, I was ready to give her anything she wanted and she earned it.

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